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A wide, augmented, reality network allows citizens of The Metropolis to aid on visualizing and interacting with information on a daily basis. And yet this system also allows for clandestine, underground duels of Digital Warriors that use their logic skills to craft custom Battle Programs and Daemons to battle each other in digital, hack-and-slash Data Wars! For some, is just a dangerous hobby, but for other, though, it’s more than just a game...!

A free, non-collectable, turn based, strategy card game

Binary Realms Data.Warriors is a free, turn based strategy card game that you can print, cut and enjoy! Play with your friends in intense computer battles, hacking each other using executing commands, loading programs and daemons into your memory to delete each others’ drives completely. Welcome to a new kind of card game!

We're currently in Public Alpha stage. Expect technical difficulties, abrupt changes and huge updates in the meantime until we reach Beta.