Homebrew cards and custom rule sets.

Since this game is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareALike 4.0 International, you're free to create and distribute your own cards, as long as you're not claiming to be us. We're very happy to provide you with templates to help you kickstart your own homebrewed card set.

In this page you'll find download links for archives containing a .PNG card background template and a .SVG file that you can edit in Inkscape to help you get them right.

If you want to expand or modify the game's ruleset, you can do so by forking the Binary Realms Ruleset repository and distributing your changes under the same GPL v3 license. It's important you mark your cards with the URL of your fork of the game, to identify which ruleset each card is meant for.

Series 1 Templates(13.9MB, archive file)
In this archive, you'll find card templates for Series 1 cards. Please note that these templates do not produce cards sanctioned by our ruleset version.

Design tips

This game takes very little to completely break, since the whole no-rarity philosophy behind its design doesn't restrict in any way the existence of a card so powerful no other card can destroy it, making this game prone to power creep in some fashion. However, to avoid power creep, the way I design cards follows these principles (alongside common sense, of course)