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Small updates and a new tool

Created on 09/23/2018, 11:39 AM GMT+4 - written by DCAT

'Make' and 'Learn' options have been enabled, and a new option, Deck Builder, to help you create and print custom decks to play.

More updates to come!

Welcome, %USER_HANDLE%

Created on 09/14/2018, 12:52 AM GMT+4 - Last Edited 09/16/2018 13:44 AM GMT+4 - written by DCAT

If you're reading this, it means you're currently navigating though a beta version of the site. Hi! Please let me know if you find anything wonky.

'Make', 'Learn' and the store options are disabled as of now. Sorry about that!

By the way, you can download and playtest the game right now! Instructions on how to assemble every part of the game aren't available yet, but most of the things are very intuitive and easy to understand how to put together.
Go to the Print page to download the Starter Kit and start playing!.