Why wouldn't you download a card game, though?

Here you can find the downloads for all kits you can download and print on your own. These kits use exactly the same parts we use, and they're meant to be as easy to put together as possible because I suck hard at crafting stuff.

Series 1 Starter Kit(9.45 MB, .pdf document)
In this Starter Kit you’ll find everything you need to play this card game. Included are a six-sided die, two Memory Monitors, two 30-card decks instructions and a tutorial that teaches you how to play the game.
This Starter Kit includes two different decks: Power Drive, a raw force-based beginner deck, and Total Control, an invasion-type advanced deck.
This download is the recommended download to start learning how to play the game.

Series 1 Card Collection Set(6.54 MB, .pdf document)
The 60-card collection of Series 1 cards, ready to print and cut. Includes a case and a selection of decks you can build using the full set of cards, and more information about the game.

Instruction Booklet - Binary Realms Ruleset v0.99(673 KB, .pdf document)
The Instruction Booklet included within the Starter Kit, in standalone format.